Un día sin nosotras.

A day without us.


On March 9, a national strike will be called to make cases of gender violence visible. What are the femicides and sexual harassment suffered by women in Mexico?
The initiative goes like this: "Not a woman in the streets, not a woman in the schools, not a woman in the workplace."

The initiative will take place one day after March 8, "International Women's Day", where the fight for equality and rights towards women is commemorated. Based on statistical data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), in Mexico, 10 women are murdered every day.

This gender problem has caused several women to speak out to take concrete actions regarding insecurity and put an end to the shocking numbers.

The movement will consist of no woman attending work, school, not using public transportation or social networks; that is, that "it does not exist" on March 9. Both posters and calls that allude to the massive strike include phrases such as "don't go out to work, girls don't go to school, don't fill up with gasoline or gas, don't buy anything, don't sell anything, don't pay anything."

It is essential that the male sector respects the movement and follows the following steps: if you have a relationship with a woman, make yourself available to her so that she can attend the strike and activities; If you work in the media, encourage your colleagues to cover the demonstration; If you are a teacher, do not take attendance that day; If you are a boss, give the women the day off; If you are a partner, cover your partner; If you are a dad, take care of your sons or daughters; and above all, if you go to the march, listen more and talk less, look for mixed groups and respect the contingents.

UN Women estimates that 87,000 women and girls are murdered each year. The same agency reported that 63 out of every 100 women aged 15 or older have received some type of violence during their lives; In fact, femicides grew by 137.5 percent over five years.

Through #UnDíaSinMujeres on social networks, it is planned to raise awareness in society and to organize the strike on March 9.

Adhering to our philosophy, values ​​and principles at Loredana México we stand in solidarity with the movement.
We condemn violence in all its manifestations!


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