Seleccionar tamaños dentro de los productos.

Select sizes within the products.

We have different sizes for each product in the Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Cream and Liquid Soap line.

From 60ml pocket edition, to 3.70 liter gallon size to refill your bottles at home.

In this tutorial we show you the steps to select the size that suits your needs.

1.- In the Search section, top right next to the Cart button. We look for the product we would like to purchase or we go to the collections section, in this case we look for the White Tea and Ginger Body Cream.

2.- Next we select the product, and the information and benefits screen of the chosen essence will be displayed.

3.- Within this screen in the three options that the page offers us, above -BUY NOW and ADD TO CART- we can select the size, as well as the image shown.

4.- We select the size we want to purchase, and it will show us an image of what the product looks like with the selected size. In this example, 500ml Body Cream.

5.- To finish we will click on -ADD TO CART- if we want to continue selecting products, or -BUY NOW- to send us to the page where we must fill out a form with our information on where the products will be sent. that you previously selected, as well as to fill out the information to make the payment.

In this example we select -BUY NOW- and this is how the next page should be displayed.

Once the products have been selected and the information has been filled out, we have to wait for our order, this in a short period of time to receive it.

If you have more questions, comments or want help, do not hesitate to write to us at

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