Colaboración: LoredAna x Damascena

Collaboration: LoredAna x Damascena

In this season of Covid-19

LoredAna + Damascena collaborate together to harmonize your spaces.

It is important to feel comfortable, fulfilled and our vision plays an important role in how we experience the world.

For this reason Damascena offers us a range of colors and sizes of Preserved Roses, ready to be placed in your favorite place.

In this sense, we assure you that your experience inside and outside this space will be comforting.
We believe in the power of Living Roses that is why we want to share it with you.

Likewise, we follow the ecological philosophy, already known from LoredAna, this collaboration arises to present environmentally friendly products.

As they are long-lasting tools, we considerably reduce the impact in terms of both toxic waste and garbage on our already contaminated planet.

We want to do our part, proposing items that have a positive impact on our mood and the environment.

Both are main themes to enjoy our day-to-day experiences, so with this union we invite you to enjoy incomparable quality with the line of Amenities that LoredAna has.
and be aware of our spaces and how to improve them with beautiful arrangements full of intention that depends on the color chosen, while being fully aware of how our impact on the planet is improved.

Join this action to improve our mood, our spaces and our environment.

Damascena + LoredAna Click here to learn more.

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Hi, I used your products whilst on holiday in CDMX and loved them. Do you ship to the USA? If so, what is your estimated shipping times?



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