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LoredAna: For an ecological recycling philosophy

By Nancy Estrada

Have you ever heard of the "Zero Waste" movement? The Zero Waste movement aims to reduce the waste and trash we generate daily. A person generates up to 2 kg of garbage per day, of all this waste only 14% is recycled. This is where the problem begins to be alarming! This is why we have to simplify, generating less waste means less impact on the environment due to bad habits of uncontrolled consumption.

Bea Johnson, who is one of the pioneers of the "Zero Waste" movement, defined the "5 R's" rule.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reincorporate.

Johnson explains that by carrying out this way of life his expenses had been reduced by 40%, and if we think about the good we are doing for the environment, the profits are incalculable.

Small actions generate big changes. Start by rejecting plastic bags when you shop, use glass bottles for your daily consumption products, buy second-hand and look for places that share these philosophies so that everyone begins to join this lifestyle.

At LoredAna we are aware of this big problem and we have joined these changes by refilling bottles every time your products run out, at a special price. Likewise, we have eco-friendly glass bottles to leave aside plastic.

Loredana Ecofriendly Glass Bottle

And you, are you ready to join the zero waste movement?

"Things don't change; we change" Henry David Thoreau

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